Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Price in Nepal

Galaxy S9 Plus Price in Nepal

Here’s the new Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone, The phone comparatively better than other Samsung mobile phones, It’s the really amazing and extra features mobile phone. Nowadays, a lot of branded also announced more extra features, and galaxy s9 plus one of the best smartphone. A lot of people were waited to buy Galaxy S9 version, and now it’s available to buy anywhere. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Price in Nepal Galaxy S9 Plus price in Nepal Rs. 104,900/- rupees and you can get instant cash back up to 5000 rupees…

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Price in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mobile has been launched in 2018 in Nepal and you can buy anywhere. Samsung Galaxy S9 is the really good smartphone, the phone provides advances and more extra features. Now you can see the galaxy s9 Full specification or features. Samsung Galaxy S9 Price in Nepal Rs. 92,900/- Rupees. Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs or Features Galaxy S9 Display S9 Galaxy comes with the four (4) types of colours Lilac Purple, Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Titanium Gray, It has the 5.8 inches large Quad HD+ and Super AMOLED (2960×1440) display…

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Galaxy A8 2018 price in Nepal

Samsung A8 2018 in Nepal

Galaxy A8 2018 price in Nepal The New Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 recently launched in Nepali mobile Market and now you can buy anywhere mobile shop and mobile online shopping. Galaxy A series mobiles selling well, as, like Samsung Galaxy A7 2016, Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017), Samsung Galaxy A5 2016, you can buy new A series Samsung Galaxy A8 2018. Before the buy views the Galaxy A8 2018 price in Nepal and full Specification. On the New Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 has the 5.6 inches ( 79.6cm2 ) Large Display and Super AMOLED…

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Galaxy Note 8 Price In Nepal

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 mobile phone launched in September 2017, Note 8 Samsung is one of the best smartphones in the note series. Galaxy Note 8 price in Nepal Rs. 102990.00 Rupees. Last year, Samsung was launched the Galaxy Note 7 but on this device comes the battery problem and it can’t be the success, after the Note 7, Samsung launched the new Galaxy Note 8 in the market with the best quality and best features than note 7 smartphone. The Samsung Note 8 Mobile designed slim body with…

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Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 Price In Nepal

Galaxy A7 2016 mobile

The Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 mobile phone launched in Nepal, you can view the full specification and price in Nepal. the Galaxy A7 2016 was launched in December 2015 and it provides the new features then A7 Old mobile, it means A7 updated with the added few features and it becomes with A7 2016. We can say its mobile phone is the good and best. The Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 Smartphone powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop version Operating System. It has the 1.6 GHz Octa-Core processor and 3 GB of RAM…

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Price In Nepal

Galaxy S8 mobile

The Latest and Galaxy S8 Smartphone has been launched in Nepal so we can see on this device provided specification or details and Galaxy S8 price in Nepal.  after the few time, the Samsung Brand has been launched both types of mobile Galaxy S8+ and S8 with the different types of colours, we can buy as our choice on the colour and version. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone run with Android 7.0 Latest version and new Galaxy S8+ as well, It powered by  4GB of RAM and 64 GB internal memory…

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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Price In Nepal

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 in Nepal

The Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Mobile launched in Nepal it was trending in Nepal and everyone interesting with this phone, it provides the really good features and good quality with the body shapes and it looks attractive. The Galaxy A7 2017 is the new version of the A7 mobile so it’s the A7 series and it’s the better than  A7 and A7 2016 mobile phone. View the A7 2017 Full Specification and price in Nepal before the buy. The Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 mobile run with the 6.0 Android Operating System with the 1.9…

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Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Price In Nepal

Galxy C7 Pro Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Mobile Phone Launched in Nepal and available anywhere If you are thinking  about C7 Pro mobile phone for buy, you should know Full specification and price in Nepal, it can fulfil up you as your requirement or not, so you should view the full details of C7 Pro mobile and price in Nepal . The Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Smart phone run with the Android 6.0 version Operating System with the 2.2 GHz Octa-Core Processor. It comes with the 4GB of RAM (ROM) and 64…

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